Seat belt exemption

Hi all Since dx in 2012 I have had constant pain 24/12/365 with the MS hug in the left side of my chest. It’s also hypersensitive. I’m currently doing a lot of motorway driving and my side is not happy with the seat belt. This aggravates my chest. When driving I often have to pull the seat belt away from my chest. Today my GP refused to issue me an exemption as he supports seat belt wearing, although he is going to seek advice and call me with the result. What do you think


I understand and sympathise with your pain, the MS hug is the very devil of a symptom.

However I also understand your doctor’s reluctance to issue an exemption.

Let’s see what he is advised to do.

I hope there is something he can offer.

there may be something that heavily pregnant women use, (I think it is an adapted belt).

Five years of the Hug doesn’t bear thinking of.

for my part it is the medication for the pain that would mean I shouldn’t drive.

All the muscle relaxants make me go doolally.

I was out of bed, wandering around, trying to ignore the pain in my feet but reading your post has put it into perspective and I realise that my feet are bearable.

I hope a solution is found for you.

Carole x

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Oh AB I know what you mean. I also suffer with burning type pain… even my clothes can feel like sandpaper on sunburnt skin.

i use seatbelt clips. Take a 2-3 mins to fit. 2-3 seconds to engage each time I get in the car.

basically you set the tension of the belt. They don’t compromise safety… seatbelt still works as it should in a crash. I know after being rammed from the back.


Thanks Carol, pain is hard to explain, whilst my hug is constant and can be vile, most of the time it’s not too bad. Tilly thank you that’s exactly the type of idea I wanted

Personally I would look for an adaption. Not wearing a seatbelt especially on a motorway doesn’t bear thinking about.


So who actually issues an exemption certificate ? I would of thought you needed to go through the DVLA ?

No, I just looked it up. It’s your GP who bears the responsibility for issuing such a certificate. See Medical exemption from compulsory seat belt wearing: guidance for medical practitioners - GOV.UK

The person who wants exemption asks their GP to issue a certificate, the GP considers the persons physical condition in accordance with the governments guidance notes. If the GP refuses, then the applicant can ask another GP to consider it.


The post from Tilly is great. I’m now awaiting delivery and looking forward to pain free driving of automatic cars

Morning AB. Tried to send you a PM… keeps telling me it’s jot sent and to contact site administrator.

Thought I’d check with you first before pestering admin.

Tilly x

Are these clips now legal to use ? Only asking because a couple of years ago I had a set of clips in my car called “Klunk Clip”, which I purchased from Halfords and are very very similar to the ones in the above link, anyway one of them broke so I tried replacing, but when I went to Halfords to buy a replacement I was told they had stopped selling them as they were not legal due to them interfering with automatic belt tensioners in newer cars. Theres not many cars on the road these days that do not have automatic tensioners that activate if in a collision, they are basically a small explosive cartridge under the seat that goes off within milliseconds of a collision and pulls the seat belt in very tight towards the passenger. The issue is I guess is that a loose belt on a clip cannot be tensioned correctly in the event of a collision, and might try to keep pulling if it cannot sense how much tension is needed ? I know it’s odd that you can buy these clips on places like Ebay but that doesn’t mean they are legal to use, especially in the eyes of insurance companies. An example of this is on this link Its a buckle to insert to switch off your seat belt alarm. Apparently illegal to use, yet easily bought on Ebay. Just a thought, and I might be wrong, but this is how it as explained to me last time I looked to purchase these types of clips. It may well of changed by now ?

They are legal to use. And work if in A collision… my sets belt worked Just as it should when I was hit. In a 4 car pile up involving the police and a drunk driver.

The clip works by taking the tension off the belt. Only a small amount if slack is needed for comfort. Actually if I lean forward whilst wearing mine the belt shoots back to normal position.

As for the seat belt… it’s not an all explosive charge under the seat. It work through inertia… small ball bearing encased within a housing.The explosive charge you speak of is what’s used within the airbag mechanism.


Glad you say they are now legal to use. I think though that you’ll find that modern seatbelt pre-tensioners are in most cases wired into the same system as the airbag and in fact activates when the air bag activates. Inertia tensioners were the first type of seatbelt tensioner before the gas filled canister type that activate alongside the airbag system. This an explanation I found on the net. “Electronic/Pyrotechnic Pre Tensioner This pre tensioner operates with an ECU and a gas generator system in a similar way to the airbag. In fact the electronic pre tensioner usually works together with the airbag and may even use the same ECU as the airbag and that increases its effectiveness. An explosive charge is used and causes the gas generator to produce a volume of gas. This volume of gas produces a pressure which acts on a mechanical linkage to pull the seat belt. This pre tensioner is usually located in the B-pillar”.