Seasonal bumble.

Hello everyone.

It’s one of those things which has made me giggle a few times. One of the few kitchen chores I can do is peel sprouts, so today I did the honours while sitting on the sofa. Even though my left hand is useless, I can get enough of a grip to help me peel the little blighters. It was only two hours later when I noticed that I was still clutching a handful of peelings as they cascaded down my dressing gown. That’s my left hand; in a world of its own.

Best wishes, Steve.

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Hi Steve, my hand is getting weaker. This year my usually perfectly wrapped gifts are anything but. My husband has added gift wrapping to the list of things he can’t or won’t do.

Sprouts wont be problem this year as we are going to my daughters for dinner and there is going to be plenty of helpers.

To think it’s only a couple of years ago that I used to have everyone round to me and I enjoyed every minute of it. So scarey!!

Mags xx

Oh Steve I hope you only peeled them and haven’t got them on to simmer just yet

Jan x

Ho Ho Ho

Good old sprouts, just glad you had all your fingers x

Enjoy your sprouts Steve, especially after peeling them lol

Hope you all have a lovely day.

Pam x