Since my confirmed diagnosis of RRMS things ready have got worse I have got weaker my boss ay work has got meaner and after doing as I was told and applying for DLA I gave been turned down for that I have a permanent left sidede numbness and weakness I trip and fall over my own feet now i have to self catherterise and as for the fatigue I really am angry with the disease and work and the system I cant even walk to the shops anymore I know im not the only one feeling like this any suggestions on how to get over this downer thanks for listening moan over.

Yeah i suffer from most of these problems and it does my head in too. Ive started to see slight improvements over the last month though, not much but a bit. I at first got awarded the lower rate dla mobility but i contested it because of my trouble walking and i now get the higher rate. I take tysabri, go to physio, excercise a bit at home and started eating healthy and i do feel better for it all and i suppose it gives me something to do. All i can say is I’m going through the same things as you and its well bob.

Littleone you have my sympathy or is it empathy!.

I had a lot of problems when I was first diagnosed at a time when I was least able to cope. I got through it by dealing with one problem at a time having priortised them. My approach is similar to Jamie’s above, although Tysabri took a while to stop the relapses, each of which left me more disabled than the previous one.

Hopefully you make progress with your issues, as I certainly found mine were making the MS worse.

All the best,


Thanks guys im really trying my other half is very supportive thank god I will just keep fighting and hopefully will get funding for my dmt and it will help with the relapses just have to wait and see.