Scared it's MS

Hi there. I’m new to this site, but signed up as I needed someone to talk to. I’m in my late 20s and my mother was diagnosed with MS about 8 years ago. Over the past few years I have had issues with control of my hands, hearing, sudden blurring of vision, pins and needles when I wake up, and I’m constantly exhausted. I’m also having trouble remembering words that I need to say, and quite often come out with the wrong thing entirely. Occasionally my speech slurs and I sound like I’ve had too much to drink. This seemed to settle down a bit when I was pregnant but it is now back with a vengeance. I cannot hold a cup, make a cup of tea (I spill sugar everywhere as my hand jolts). I have to be careful carrying my child. I’m exhausted, but it’s beyond being a new parent exhausted. This is horrific. I’m also in pain pretty much every day with my legs. I’m just really worried that I too might have MS. My mother exhibited the hand, speech, tiredness and pain before she was diagnosed. Does anyone here have a parent who was diagnosed and then they got MS too? I don’t know what to do. My doctors are absolutely useless. They couldn’t even diagnose an ear infection in my child so I’m not holding out much hope for being told for definite what is wrong with me. I guess I just need some advice.

hi orchid

if you have a lot of GPs at your surgery, see each one because usually there is at least one who is willing to stick their neck out.

if none of them will listen, then consider switching to a different practice, although this is very difficult to do.

tell your health visitor as he or she may be able to help.

really try hard not to get too stressed, (i know, new baby, ms symptoms) stress only makes it all worse.

some people pay to see a private neuro, although this depends on your financial situation.

enjoy cuddles with your child, the best therapy ever in my opinion!

need to think positively)

Hi Orchid

It’s quite unusual to have identical symptoms with another person (even a parent), so it may be that you are experiencing similar symptoms but it’s not MS.

You could ask your GP quite directly for referral to a neurologist. Don’t ask the GP if they think you have MS, just say that it seems to you that there could be a neurological cause for your symptoms.

As Carole said, some people do see a private neurologist for an initial appointment, then ask to be referred back to the NHS if the neurologist thinks tests are needed to rule in or out MS or indeed some other neurological issue. The only problem with this route is that you might be waiting again for an NHS appointment before having tests. So try to get an NHS referral from your GP first.

Best of luck.