Worried I have MS

Hi- im a 42 year old woman with what I think are symptoms of MS. 1) Difficulty eating / pain when swallowing. Feels like food is getting stuck. I have had 2 endoscopies which failed to find anything. 2) Leg pain and pelvic pain 3) Tingling / pin prick sensation in big toes. 4) Mixing words up - I know what I want to say but wrong words come out 5) Arm tremours 6) Tiredness 7) Spells of light diziness / feel like im not all there. 8) Worsened eye sight, especially at night. 9) Some immediate memory loss. My elder sister has MS and was diagnosed im her late 30s. My dad has Lewy Body Dementia - advanced stage. How do I get my GP to take my concerns seriously?

H Kate

Take your list to your GP, but add to it by noting when symptoms which you are tying together started. Note how long symptoms lasted, whether anything has got better on its own or has stayed with you.

Ask the GP for advice. Tell him/her you are concerned about MS because your sister has it. And ask whether the GP thinks referral to a neurologist might be a good idea, or whether s/he thinks that somthing else might be causing the symptoms. A GP might want to rule out vitamin deficiencies (particularly D and B12) first.

You should be aware that your sister having MS doesn’t mean your chances of having it are that much raised. If you had an identical twin with MS, your chances would be something like 1 in 5. So a sibling having it is much less likely.

There are lots of diagnoses which share some symptoms with MS, so don’t focus too much on that. See what your GP has to say.


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Lot of stuff going on - GP’s aren’t all that well trained in MS etc - so you may need a referral to your local neurology unit - to get further tests.

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Thanks for the comments…saw my GP just over 2 weeks ago and he has referred me for an MRI scan. Since my original post, my leg pain and pelvic pain has worsened to the point Im waking in the night numerous times because of the pain. Im so so tired also. How long does it seem to take on average for the MRI appt to come through? Thanks x

Anything from a few days to a couple of months. You can phone the Neuro Secretaries to ask if your appt has been made. Ring them every week to chase up.

good luck ,

Chrissie xx

Unfortunately referrals and tests do take time, depending on the individual healthcare trusts/ hospitals etc. Case of wait and see, also you can chase em up as chrissie52 says.


sadly sometimes in order to get medical professionals to respond is to become a bit annoying. Remember they are dealing with finite and limited resources and many people will feel the need for rapid support. Even if you arrange a private paid service it takes time. I suggest that you decide what you think is a reasonable time limit after which you should be polite but unrelenting in following up.


MRI done on Wednesday and phone call on Thursday to say results were already back and I needed an appt with GP to discuss. Got a week to wait but in meantime, pain and mobility remain an issue, tingling in big toe has returned with a vengeance…


At least you’ve had the MRI. and an appointment for the results. Write a list of questions to ask, you might forget or take someone with you for support and to listen.

MS is so complicated practically any symptom can be caused by it, however, lots of symptoms are not MS.

Let us know how you get on. Plan to go for a nice cup of coffee somewhere after Dr appointment - something to look forward to.

Really hope you don’t have MS, but if you do you’ve found the right site.

Jen x

I am surprised you did not have a referral to a neuro for the MRI as it is only the neuro who can discuss MS etc with someone. It could mean you then have to wait further for another referral.

I hope you get some answers but are not sent on a wild goose chase with the GP. Unless of course your not in the UK lol. Good luck hunny.