Scared about symptoms

Sorry this will be a long post…

I’ve been having MS-like symptoms since September last year and I’m terrified I have it to the point where I can’t think about anything else. My mum had PPMS and passed away 2 years ago, she had an awful time and I just can’t go through that myself. I want to cry thinking about her anyway and now I’m constantly on the verge of tears especially in work.

It actually started a few years ago in 2013. I was getting stabbing pains in my arms for around 6 months, this subsided and I didn’t experience anything else until September last year when my arm felt abit dead.

Since then I’ve had a range of symptoms such as the pains in my arms again, a dead arm occasionally, aching thigh (only happened a couple of times), strange sensations in my face, achy muscles and most recently my eyes have been twitching lots – this has been the worst as I just can’t ignore it.

The only thing that is keeping me going is that when I’m out drinking with friends or in other situations when I’m completely distracted my symptoms seem to disappear and I don’t have any when I’m asleep so I’m wondering how much I’m making it worse by thinking about it.

I seen my GP the other day and he said he would refer me to the Neuro if I wanted but he would advise me to wait and see if I develop any new symptoms and go back.

He also recommend therapy as my symptoms go away when I’m in certain situations. I told him I didn’t want referring anyway as I feel like once I’m diagnosed that will be it. I want a house and children one day and I’m scared that will all be taken away (I’m only 26).

I haven’t told my dad as I don’t want to worry him as he went through enough with my mum or my boyfriend as I’m terrified to lose him.

Any advice would be appreciated as I don’t know how much longer I can go on like this. I hope it’s all in my head but the longer time goes on the more unsure of this I am.

Sophie x

hi sophie

i’d take your gp’s advice and wait to see if you get more symptoms.

however at least he has agreed to refer you to neurology if you want it.

now imagine i’m your sternest aunt, - don’t keep dwelling on it all.

if by chance, you do have ms, it probably won’t follow the same course as your mum’s.

you have a life to live.

get on with living it!

carole x