Does ne 1 feel like they don't wanna b here ne more?

I’m undiagnosed had an attack 18 months ago. On a real downer @ the moment, just feel like I don’t wanna b here ne more 4 wen the next attack happens. I feel like I don’t wanna wait & hav this happen 2 me & then a lifetime of ms. I hate living with this carrying it around with me everywhere.

Dont talk like that,i understand your frustration husband is in the same boat found lesions on his brain he has no central vision in both eyes struggles everyday.Dont give up, i keep telling him the same he said he doesnt want to be here anymore i told him he is being selfish ,we love him too.You must have family friends who feel your pain and frustration you cannot give in.Take care cheer up maybe you need some anti depresants.

Hi Anon, I just wanted to reach out and send you best wishes. The experts on here will be able to tell you just WHY being dead is worse than having MS - I know this is true, but as I don’t have MS (my teenage daughter does) you won’t believe me! It is a serious blow, there’s no denying - but people find that they CAN cope, and it is NOT the end of the world! Honest! There are treatments that will help with your symptoms - you need to check out what is available for you.

Don’t forget, there are some people who have a few minor episodes of MS that don’t really amount to anything too dreadful throughout the course of their lifetime.

I think that dreading something happening is so often far far worse than the reality - and you don’t want to ruin your life with worry. I think talking to an MS nurse or your GP about this would be helpful, and I strongly suggest you try and get yourself some therapy - CBT can relaly help people to cope with the feelings you’re having now. And do you have a partner/parents/friends you can reach out to for help and comfort? If you ever feel really desperate, you can ring the Samaritans.

This is tough, but you can find a way of coping.

Best wishes


Hallo there!

Yes, I do read this kind of message now and then on here.

I feel so sad for people who feel so bad and cant seem to find a way forward through the mire of pain, poor sleep, lack of movement and all the rest of day to day problems.

Of course it is entirely up to each person to stick around and fight…or not.

But please try to think what it actually does mean. If you are finding it too much, perhaps a talk with your GP. Maybe you need something to help you in the form of medication.

Do you have any close friends or family you can open up to?

I was in limbo for years. I was wrongly diagnosed and had umpteen tests. I often thought it would be better to have a serious diagnosis rather than none at all.

Keep talking to us here and we`ll do our best to support you.

luv Pollx

i agree with the other replies.

ms is like the weather - changeable!

so you are in a spell of bad weather now but one day soon, it will be sunny and warm.

do not try to end it all because the present moment is exactly that - a moment!

go to your gp and offload your concerns

or go to your local ms therapy centre

carole x