Scans all clear but even more in limbo land?!?

Well neuro’s for my second MRI results today. All clear and neuro then announced no other tests to be done as he doesn’t think it’s MS Instead he thinks I have some form of neurological issue which cannot be defined. He says I might get better but I might not!!. ‘Dont worry’ he said. ‘Youll either be able to do your job or they’ll pension you off!!’ Just what you want to hear as the tender age of 37!! So I’ll be hanging around still dipping in and out of the forums but I’m well and truly in the lovely world we all know as limbo land!! Mick

Hiya Mick.

I had lots of tests which always came back nomal…yet my symptoms were typical PPMS. I was in a wheelie within 2 yrs!

After 16 years of tests and as many different neuros, MS was totally discounted and my current dx is;

spastic paraparesis/cause unknown/could be genetic

What are yor symptoms?


Hello Mick

How frustrating to be told this, considering the symtoms you have.

Did you say your mum had/has ms and two of your brother’s have it?

Is this neuro a specialist in treating ms and aware of your family history. What an insensitive way to speak to you…stupid man.

Take care

Noreen x

Well at the moment it’s fatigue / balance issues, visual disturbance in middle of eyesight, brain farts / confusion with words, sensory lease in in left arm / leg Frustrating as I can’t do my job (police) and he can’t say I’m not stuck with all this :frowning: Mick

Noreen, Yes it’s my dad ad older brother who have ms If I hadn’t been sorting things in my head I would have given him what for!!

I would go back to GP and insist on seeing a specialist neuro, who knows what he’s talking about. If its not ms, then what is it and is there any treatment.

Thanks to you Mick, everytime I get confused, the word fart pops into my head

He was supposed to be a specialist!!. His particular specialism is MS which is why I chose him. Going to have to go back to work and be assessed by the force doctor. In the mean time I’m moving location into a new hospital trust so if things don’t improve I’ll be asking for another referral. Maybe I’ve start up a trend on here although it’s good to hear some people have heard it before and I’m not just making it up!! Mick

I take it you’ve had your spine scanned Mick?

I did last time. This time he concentrated only on the brain and cervical spine

My concern with you Mike, is your only young. You have a father and brother with ms and your own neuro type symptoms.

I’m not saying you have ms but sometimes, small lesions don’t show up on MRI scan but still cause problems. Make sure, you keep yourself in the system.

Take care x

That’s my concern too. I kind of expect it to eventually turn into ms but will plod on until the next new symptom / dip in health. Don’t you worry. I’ll keep myself in the system and keep bugging those doctors until I get a definite diagnosis as I can’t see work being happy with an ‘undiagnosable neurological’ result as it is. Leaves them and me in limbo work wise :-s Besides I’ll still be round on here. Would like to be able to add my experience to those going through limbo land and try and help :slight_smile: Mick

I can relate I am undiagnosed and work are sending me to the occy health doc and are also pushing for me to reduce my contracted hours rather than just be working less with the other hours as sick time, I think I need to speak to my union about the implications of this. But I have no idea if I will get better or worse or stay the same it’s a rubbish place to be so you have my sympathy.

Thanks Billie It’s an awful position to be in. I’m back at work Friday but no idea when I will get to see the force doctor. A referral was put in at the beginning of January but nothing so far so god knows what they’ll be having me doing till then. It’s pants but in sure we’ll both get through it I have a viewpoint that I try to stick to which usually keeps me positive. ‘Everything happens for a reason’. Maybe I’m not supposed to be a bobby after all and maybe my cake business I want to start is the way forward!! Mick

Cakes sound lovely, good luck with what ever happens and takecare xx

Cakes are always lovely. Trying a new triple choc bun for first day back at work :slight_smile:

You can send me samples I used to work for a food manufacturer. Paid to taste cake, it did involve a lot more than that lol. Hope you get on further and get some answered I met a lovely bobby a few weeks ago while driving. Restored my faith in police force. X

Haha, I’ll make sure I save some samples for you then!! Thankyou although I think I’ll be in this position for a while now And yes. Not all bobbies are that bad. Like to think I was one of the nice ones :slight_smile:

Of course Your a lovely bobby Mick. You make yummy cakes…you gotta be a sweetie :slight_smile: Noreen x

Haha. Funny you say that I’m currently baking some choccy buns which will have red icing and choc orange buttercream topping today for my better halfs work for sports relief. Hope they turn out okay :slight_smile:

Your a similar age to my son Mick, he likes baking too. Always bakes me something tasty, when I’m due for a visit :slight_smile: He doesn’t get his love of the kitchen from me though lol :slight_smile: My son lives in west Yorkshire Mick…always happy to make a detour lol…I’m a well behaved guest :slight_smile: Noreen x