Hi to all just registerd with e-med in hope of getting private script for sativex,what do i do next do i get consultation with doctor i suffer with spasticity and my own dr will not prescribe,i know its all down to cost so fed up…thankyou marennis

hi marennis

if you get a consultation with a private doctor, just ask for sativex.

you’re paying for the consultation so he’ll prescribe it for you.

i dont know how much you will have to pay to cash in the script though.

some people use BUPA for fampyra which works out cheaper. (fampyra is a drug that i want to try.)

looks like you have a lot of research to do.

carole x

I spoke to my neuro re sativex. It can make you very drousy and he only recommends people taking it to help them sleep at night.

I sleep fine but walking with the spastic leg is my issue. I am going to try the baclofen pump in August. It has become very popular in the states.


lf your GP will not prescribe it [mine does] - then do ask your doc for a private prescription. This is what l did - until Sativex was licensed for MS use - June 2010. The local pharmacy gets it for me.

l do not know what the NHS pay for it - bound to be lots cheaper then what you pay privately. lt is nothing like as expensive as many of the other drugs that the GPs prescribe for MS symptoms. And it certainly does not make me feel drowsy. Now Baclofen and Tizanidine took all my strength/energy from me - leaving me unable to stand up/walk and certainly not drive a car.

Strangely, my GP prescribes Sativex [and is going to see about doing the same with LDN] but will not let me have B12 injections.