Just had an appointment with my specialist Multiple Sclerosis nurse and the first question I asked was when will I get SATIVEX for my muscle spasticity and neuropathic pain which I suffer from 24/7, her reply was do not hold your breath.
She went on to tell me that I will probably have to go before a specialist who will assess me, then if I qualify it’s is down to the Regional Health Authority to say if they can afford to fund it.
So once again it looks like it will be a POST CODE LOTTERY.

No shock poor journalism at the off set… NHS on its knees - going to be very tough to get savitex

Hi, I use cannabis for pain,spasms and to help me sleep its amazing works within seconds, have you thought about trying cbd oil? if you do buy some make sure you buy 10% or over in strengh so it works

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You specialist nurse is pretty much spot on with her advice.

This is how I managed to get on Sativex.

  1. Approached MS clinic to ask about starting Sativex

  2. They made an appointment with spasticity consultant who could prescribe Sativex on a trial basis, (only certain consultants can start you on the trial)

  3. Had an appointment with spasticity consultant who went through my meds that I had already tried, baclofen, Gabapentin, Pregablin ect…

  4. Put onto initial 3 month Sativex trial.

  5. Returned to consultant to assess progress, possibly some improvement in MS symptoms ?

  6. Another 3 month trial to asses further improvement (apparently there must be a significant improvement, but I wasn’t really showing a significant improvement, however I was told I could go onto Sativex)

  7. Consultant writes to GP to authorise Sativex on prescription

  8. GP adds Sativex to repeat prescription, depending on local health authority guidelines.

Different health authorities may have different protocols ?

For what it’s worth, 18 months later, no noticeable improvement in my MS symptoms, dare I say that it possibly makes my mobility worse ?

Stopped the Sativex !!

I would suggest that Sativex MIGHT help more with pain or spasms, but as for offering better mobility, which is what I wanted it for, then unfortunately it did nothing.

Both my MS consultant & specialised nurse are pretty much of the same opinion about the success of Sativex, in that it’s not for everyone !

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