Samsung Galaxy Tablet - Voice-activated text msgs?

Someone on another forum (non MS-related) is asking for advice for an elderly person. They want to buy a tablet (NOT a phone!) and have been advised to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1, as they have been told it can be used to send txt messages by voice recognition. Can anyone confirm this? I know there are lots of devices and software that offer some form of voice recognition, but I’m not looking for general recommendations, but to know if txts can be sent that way on the Samsung Galaxy 3, in particular? He doesn’t want to buy it, and then find it doesn’t do it.

It seemed the kind of thing somebody here might know.

Ta very much for any info.


Hi Tina

Sorry I can’t be much help. We’re Apple fans in this house but I know that you can find online reviews for every other gadget available. If I’m ever considering a purchase of anything expensive I always have a look to see if I can find independent reviews especially from people who have purchased said gadget and used it for some time.

Tracey x

Thanks anyway, Tracey.

I can’t think they haven’t already tried that. I think it’s such a niche requirement - not just speech recognition, but wanting to send text messages that way - that it’s not going to feature prominently in most reviews. I don’t think there’s an issue with whether the product itself is “good” or not - just whether it can do this one specific thing. That’s why I thought folks here, who might have more use for speech recognition than the average user, might have some practical experience of it. He has apparently been “told” it does it, but I’m not sure who by, and he can’t feel very confident of the source, which is why he’s looking for somebody to verify it.

If he explains in the shop that he wants to do that very particular thing, and it turns out not to support it, he should be able to get his money back no problem, as if they know somebody is buying something to do X, but it turns out not to be able to, it’s automatically been mis-sold. But then there is the whole pallaver of proving it. What if the shop denies he ever mentioned speech recognition, or wanting to send txts that way? Unless he gets it in writing, it will be hard to prove they ever said it was suitable for that.