vocie/sensory activated gadgets


does anybody know or have any information about voice/sensory  for   computer, tv, radio, lights, telephone,  etc etc...please .  ????

thank you


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Hi Tony, try posting on Everyday Living where you'll have a much bigger group to respond.

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hi pat,

thank you very much for your advise.




My wife was refered to the Electronic Assistive Technology (north west), which is part of the NHS. They supplied her with the means to turn on and change the channel on the tv. Also she can turn lamps  turn the radio on, all from her chair.The contact no. 0151 528 2922. I am sure they can point you in the right direction.

hi manc1,

thank you very much for the very usefull information,  very much appreciated.

will let you know the outcome. yippppeeee.....



Although I don't have any voice sensory gadgets I do use speech recognition software so at least I can print out how many pints of milk I want in the morning!

I understand that windows 7 has this facility built-in already

You know, this post has just highlighted to me how some MSers suffer in a way we don`t usually think of.

Good luck with whatever you need.

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