Rushing down an entry for a pee - embarrassing

Was in the town on saturday evening and was caught short with no loo’s about and had to rush down an entry to pee - has really annoyed me because this is not usual behaviour for me and if I had of been “caught”, how do you explain that one…blasted MS…

Tell it, like it is - it should be no ‘skin off your nose’ (to coin a phrase)

similar thing happened to me at the weekend. I was going down the road after a show and it happened. I got about a couple seconds notice before it started. I was very thankful that I had my pad on which saved me from an awfuly embarrasing experience.

Always carry that nice little card that the Society distributes that says

“I have MS … …”

Mine is ALWAYS in my wallet.


I ‘pee’d’ last night while in bed and I have a ‘working’ catheter and a ‘pee-bottle’ by the bed - I OFFICIALLY GAVE UP!!!

(thankfully, not too bad today though?)

It`s so much easier for blokes!

luv Pollx

For a start you don’t have to worry about taking all your clothes out of the way first. And then if you do have to do a “country wee wee” (my daughters phrase) then you have to worry about peeing on your feet, your undergarments and not falling over when you shake in a squat position. Oh and stinging nettles on the bum too!