I know this is probably a question that is impossible to answer but being newly diagnosed I’m still learning… Does RRMS eventually develop into SPMS? I know this is something I can discuss with my neuro but I don’t see him til next month and my head is full of questions and concerns. I guess nobody can predict the path their ms will take but I can’t help wondering…

It is important to understand that everyones ms is different. RRMS can and does progress to SPPM for some people and for others they remain in RRMS.

Now that the DMD drugs are available to hopefully reduce relapses in frequency and severity for people with RRMS it is hoped less people will progress onto SPMS. The dmd’s work for some and not for others.

It is best to not worry about what might/might not happen in the future. No-one can see the future - whether you have ms or not.

I was diagnosed 7 years ago but know i’ve had ms for 13 years or more. I’m on a dmd drug and have no mobility problems at all yet. We all have our own story.

Ms is very unpredictable i’m afraid. No-one knows what path our own ms will take. Live for today and enjoy your life - take each hurdle as you reach it.

Good luck and best wishes


Hi Theresa Thank you so much - you’re right - none of us know what fate has in store for us - whether we have ms or not and it’s important to live for today, there’s no point worrying about what may or may not even happen. It’s so good to talk to people on here who understand what we’re all going through. I have a lovely family who are really supportive but I don’t want to worry them too much. I’ll be sorting out my dmds soon so am looking forward to some happier times! xx

Hi, I have had ms for over 30 years now but was only dx in 2011 with SPMS, all the previous years I had rrms and didn’t know that the things that happened to me were connected. What in my most roundabout way is yes it can progress to SPMS but no one can tell you if it actually will or when it could happen. So stop worrying and start living, it makes life a lot easier. I wish you all the very best.



Thanks Janet - you’re right! Live for today - that shall be my new mantra!!! x