Progression From RRMS to SPMS

I was diagnosed in 2005 with RRMS and last year was told I had progressed to SPMS because all my existing symptoms were never going into remission just staying there and I was not recovering from earlier relapses during that year.

Just wondered how others realised they had progressed from RRMS to SPMS.

Stay as well as you can.

Shazzie xx

i had an mri the other week so just waiting on the results then will let you know if i have progressed.

My symptoms have slowly worsened or just stayed there without remission and had several relapses already despite only being dx end of march that i dont think i have ever recovered from!!! ( upping all my pills slowly too)

You take care xx

Kate x x

i moved onto spms,in 2005 after a really nasty relapse,of which i didnt recover very much at all,and was left really quite ill too,i have had some awful relapses since i was diagnosed rrms in 1992,

on average i had a relapse every few years or so, i once went 8 years without one,but each relapse left me with more and more symptoms,a lot of people think that you are well in between relapses,and some are, but i have not been able to walk more than a few yards since my 1st one in 1992.i already suspected i had moved on to spms,but my ms specialist confirmed that i had,so it didnt come as a surprise,but i am not the usual spms,as i still have relapses,only they are more severe now, and more disabling,i suspect i am progressive relapsing,but not too fussed about labels,it is what it is.i cant get out of the house nowdays,whatever it is called.

J x

I just was “progressed” by my neuro last month. Same thing, not getting any better, and getting worse,