rrms to spms ?

This might show twice as don’t know were first post went so sorry if it does !!! Ihave my yearly appointment at the hospital on monday and i was just wondering if i have changed from rrms to spms if anybody can give me any info regarding this. I have been on betaferon for the past 11 years but for the last 12 months i haven’t had a relapse just stronger constant pins and needles in my feet and half way up my shins and have recently noticed it happening in both hands too . I can’t walk anywhere near as far as i used to be able to do without getting stiffness and heavy feelings in my legs and get tired a lot easier. So i was wondering if this is now spms ? But i don’t really know how to explain properly but i just feel my ms feels different now. Jenny.

I don’t know, Jenny.

But, I do have the same worry. The tingling in my feet has changed, the intention tremor in my left hand is worse, my stability is worse - and I have started to think the same way as you.

My appointment is on Wednesday, so I will be interested to here how you get on.