rrms to spms

Just wondered how i know if i have changed from rrms to spms not had a relapse dont think for about 12 months but the pins & needles feeling from my feet upto my calf is constantley there and a lot stronger, i feel the strength in my arms is not as good anymore as it used to be and my hearing is getting worse [ that was how if first found out i had ms lost 80% of my hearing in left ear] . I just feel my MS has changed but can’t pinpoint exactly how


Hello Jenny

I’ve had a variety of symptoms which have appeared then mysteriously disappeared. On the last visit my neuroligist declared that I had SPMS. I cannot really notice any difference. All I know is that moving about is a real problem and I struggle with everyday tasks. The inflamation of nerve endings in my legs is particularly tiresome. Who knows how it’s defined apart from resorting to the string of expletives only good manners and prudence prevent me from uttering now!

Best wishes!