Rotigotine and spasticity

Hi I have extreme spasticity in my legs and have tried many of the familiar treatments to try and ease it but most don’t work. I am currently taking 90 mg of baclofen a day and although it helps it does not really ease much of the stiffness. My neurologist has just prescribed me Rotigotine Parkinson’s patches to see if these work. I was wondering if anyone else has tried these and if so what was the effect, as I cannot find anything on the net about them and treatment in MS. Thanks P

have no idea either but it’d dropped to pge 2 again - Bump!

I have spasticity too and I would love to know if you find any relief from the new drug. My neuro told me baclofen was the only thing for spasticity! It doesnt work that well for me.

Moyna xxx