Rollator to use lefthanded -Topro Troja

I am considering buying this rollator as the breaks can work both sides with extra accessory fitted for around 15quid.Does anyone have one or recommend better type please? x

I have this rollator and like it much better than the bulky NHS thing that I had.

I’m probably being a bit thick but I don’t understand the comment about the brakes. Do you mean that you could apply both brakes with just one hand?


Yes that`s right Jane,I have been thinking it may be best one for me as it works both sides of breaks when fitted as I have limited use of right hand due to paralysis,etc. Is the seat comfortable? x

The seat’s OK. It’s not padded – just a sheet of mesh which is why you can fold it up towards the middle rather than back to front. It was this folding feature that I liked because you can make it slimmer to get through a small gap and then click it back in place with no trouble at all.
I only use it in the house as I take my w/chair outside but I find it really helpful to carry stuff. I have a tray that fits nicely on the seat and can wheel cups of tea and plates of food. I used to be able to get about with a walking stick but I feel quite panicky if my rollator is not near to hand.


Thanks Jane,that`s really helpful as I wanted to try to use one indoors sometimes x