Right hand "frozen"

3rd relapse in 6 months… Been diagnosed 3 yrs RRM… Its day 11 now of new symptom, right hand frozen, pins and needles, spasm. Have taken 5 days of steroids, high dose and to no avail. Hand is same, no improvement really. Am I being too impatient and expecting too much!! Only neve had this in my hand before. Normally get MS symptoms in my legs etc but not my hands… I am off work on leave luckily at the moment and am extremely concerned about going back as my work consists of keyboard skills and dont know what to say to my employers. I am trying to remain positive that it will return to normal (well normal as it can be) BUT the way it is at the moment finding it hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. In Jan I lost my dad and its been very hard to get to terms with as he was my best friend, rock. I do keep telling myself to keep positive but with all this happening its getting tougher… Just thought after the high dose of steroids things would ease but no… I’ve also had 2 periods in a month and yet again this morning, start again… What is happening?? Thats my life unfolded to the forum… bizarre, dont you think??

hi anon

have you told your ms nurse or neuro about this latest episode?

steroids speed up recovery but don’t cure the condition.

it can take several months to see full effect of steroids.

why should you feel concerned about going back to work?

you are protected by the disability discrimination legislation.

i’m assuming that your employer know about your ms but if they don’t, then tell them.

good luck

carole x

Hi Anon

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it at the moment now. Try not to worry about work, if you are not fit then you will be unable to work and you will get a sick note from the doctor to prove you cannot do your job at present.

Regarding your hand, the steroids can take a while to do their job but you may be able to help things along in the meantime. Have you been in touch with a neuro physio since the relapses this year? There are bound to be some useful exercises that you can do to get your hand moving again (not to keyboard standard but at least to some useful function again). You can refer yourself to neuro physio, your nurse should have the number for their service.

I used yoga when my legs were seized up last year. Just 10 minutes every morning and every night. Basic stretching exercises, then lots of rest in between, a little more each day. I could feel the benefit as my legs were really tight and I knew which muscles were seized and I could feel them freeing up a little each day. I had to be cruel to them to be kind! By the time the neuro physio got round to seeing me we only needed to work on my balance as I had sorted out my spasticity for myself. I wasn’t willing to sit around waiting 6 months as they had already told me there was a very long waiting list …

Hope you feel better soon. <> I lost my mum 18 months ago and I know how hard it is. She was my best friend as well as my mum and I miss her every day but it does get easier with time.

Tracey xx

Thanx… am awaiting referral for physio but will have a go at anything to get this hand back to normal, half back to normal even… Gonna try some stretching, lifting tins anything!!! x