Rib Pain - is it normal?

Have been suffering with pain in this area for 18mths now? Been to dr, x-ray neg. Hurts sitting laying flat ok. As a ppmser that is pretty much it. I don’t want to be flat all the time - not good for health, hurts sitting in wheelchair - stretching has not helped! Does anyone have this - just under ribs on left side (mine)?

Help appreciated as ext. Painful.


Hi Jam, what you have is known as MS ‘hug’… sometimes known as ‘banding’ and in the US known as MS ‘girdle’. It is a spasm of the small muscles between the ribs… and you can get it all around the ribs, or on just one side, or high on ribs or low. What meds are you on? I find Amitriptyline helps… as does Gabapentin. You should really be on one of these drugs daily. IF you are not, make an appointment with your GP today and write these drugs down. Not sure if you are a chap or a chappess… but if you’re female, stop wearing a bra. It irritates the muscles and makes hug worse. Wearing loose clothing helps. Other things that make it worse are the same as with all symptoms… therefore stress, overdoing it and heat. I have also found it can be helped by taking one Ibuprofin and one Paracetamol… no more than 3 times a day. I really sympathise as I get it off and on and find it really painful… have you seen your neuro about it? I suggest you do. Google ‘MS Hug’ and you’ll get loads more info… and hope you can find something to give you relief soon. Take care, Pat xx

Hi Jam,

I agee I think you are referring to the ms hug, and yes it is extremely painful. I take amitriptline for nerve pain, and baclofen for spasms, which takes the edge off it.

Wishing you well, take care.

Pam x