Rhotacism and apraxia

Hello everyone husband has started having speach problems Rhotacism and apraxia the rhotacism for my husband is not noticable he doesnt even know he is doing it.He sounds like elma fubb and also jumbles words with apraxia.


Hi, I hadnt heard of these terms, so have had a google.

Rhotacism means someone cant pronounce the r and it comes out as a w. Has your husbnad always done that?

Apraxia is when someone forgets or has difficulty finding the word they are looking for.

The latter is very common in MS. Not sure about the former.

Has your hubby been diagnosed yet?

luv Pollx

I’m guessing the rhotacism is due to a muscular problem - a speech therapist might be able to help a lot so I recommend your husband sees his GP and asks for a referral.

Karen x

HI karen and pollx no i have been with him 20 yrs and until last week or so he has never done it before he says wabbit instead of rabbit ect, it comes out quite funny he doesnt even notice it himself could be muscular problem.He said he thinks his speech is going backwards he thinks he is losing his marbles.xx julie

Hi Julie, I often have trouble with my speech and it seems to get worse in the evenings, which I’m guessing is partly down to feeling that much more pooped out. By that time, I find it harder to hold a decent conversation; I forget words or say the wrong word entirely. I’ve also been known to say the right word but in the wrong order, and I can lose thread of a conversation quite easily. So basically the word - be it the right one or not - can sound wrong in some way or another. My ms nurse did say a referral to see a speech therapist may be in order but I’ve not gone down that route yet because I’ve been having back to back relapses, and have also been under a lot of stress, which I’m sure is having an impact on my health. Maybe a referral to see a Speech Therapist is the way for your husband to go if it persists? Debbie xx

Apologies for the awful paragraphs… I find it hard work typing a post on this forum nowaday! Debbie xx