Finally grabbed the bull by the horns, which is not an easy thing to do from a wheelchair, and went for retirement on the grounds of ill health. Was prepared for a long drawn out battle but the whole thing was done and dusted in 6 months from the date I first went off ill. I was amazed that they agreed not only to let me go but that they even agreed to an enhanced pension and severance pay. Bottom line is that I should be able to stay in my house and am now free. Of course it may be that I am free to starve or to freeze to death but it is preferable to working for the local council. Next up is my application for ESA so I may need a rest before that particular life force draining battle. On the plus side I have copies of all the reports from GP, Neuro, Social Work and Occupational Health, all of whom state that I am no longer fit for work and will remain so in the future. The only thing I do not have is a valid death certificate which is probably what the Atossers and Con-Dems now require. Fingers crossed. Gary

Hi Gary

I retired through ill health from the NHS at the age of 51 18 months ago. Mine was really straightforward too and Atos were really nice I’ve got to say. I had no probs with them.

It makes such a difference not having to worry about getting to work or even worse getting home from worse when the symptoms get worse.

Well done for taking the bull by the horns. The only frightening thing for me was having my contract terminated before they gave me the decision about pension payout etc.