Retirement, children and benefits.


I’ve just retired throughy ill health as the symptoms are now too much. At the same time or while on long term sick, I became a father for the first time.Now there is a fair amount of work to do with claiming the full quota of benefits. As I was a teacher there was a lump sum which will be paid off the mortgage but I can’t do that until May when the current deal ends. Child Tax Credit, Council Tax Credit and ESA: do I do it all now or do I wait until May? Baffling-is it worth a trip to CAB or do I wait? not destitute even though my wife is on Maternity. It would be nice if she could go back on a three day week. Decisions! Anyone been through any similar things? It’s not leaving me sleepless but I’d just like to see if anyone has any thoughts.

Best wishes, Steve

Hi Steve… sooner the better. Make an appointment with CAB asap. It can take a time to get the appointment and it’s best to get it sorted. Applications can take time to fill in and to be assessed.

Put in an application for DLA also (if you haven’t done so already). CAB will help you with that claim too.

CAB will also be able to tell you if there is anything else you can claim.

Good luck… it can all seem like a bit of a nightmare maze but believe it or not you can get through it!

Pat x

Hi Steve I just finished through ill health too had lump some and paid chunk off mortgage,friend of ours mortgage advisor with our bank so luckily had advice close by,I don’t claim benefits yet but have got appointment to see cab who like pat said are best people to ask Best wishes Steve

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