Results of cognitive testing

I did post this under my original post of “so upset by cognitive testing”. But no one replied so I guessed you were all darned sick of that old thread so I have reported with a new thread! well my friends me again with the results. I did really well. The psychologist, David said I was being too hard on myself. He also said that I have anxiety in relation to my perceived cognitive problems. And based on his test results I have no cognitive problems relating to MS. Forgot to ask him what cognitive problems i have outwith ms - damn memory! And my memory is better than average - ha ha ha. All well and good on paper but in real life I have issues. But then he said everyone does. He suggested anxiety counselling in the form of CBT. I didnt understand everything -damn MS!!!- I am waiting for the full report he sends to my neuro for more explanation - this will include the names of the tests Dr Geoff. The only question I asked for an explanation was the very difficult Maths one about machines. Well he confirmed the question - and with pen and paper I did it I.e answer 96 - well done Karen. But how on earth anyone can be expected to do that in your head is silly. In conclusion results one thing reality another. But I am determined to try and be a happier positive person rather than my natural negative persona. Thanks for reading Hugs Min xx


Thanks for telling us about your results - I’m glad they weren’t as bad as you thought they were going to be. (I still don’t understand the machines question, but maths never was a strong point)

Luisa x


Pleased your results weren’t as bad as you expected. What is the question about machines??



You need to go back to my original post on 15th may called so upset about cognitive testing for details. Let me know how you get on- in your head mind no pen and paper allowed!!! Hugs Min xx

I didn’t know I had to do it in my head!


Karen x

Should have said… it’s all very well these guys telling us that we’re fine - they don’t know what we used to be like. We do.


Hi Min

I’m glad the results were not as bad as you feared.

Would you do it again? now you know the stress it caused you?

Teresa. x

Yes Teresa I would do it again. To get a baseline. To get the results- looking forward to getting full report to understand my results better - i said no jargon. But as I said the tests showed my memory was ok . But in the real world it’s not. Funny I had a 20 year old student with me at work today. I don’t disclose but did say I hav to write everything down or I forget and she said me too!!! Very reassuring. To understand that I am hard on myself and need to go a bit easier Anxiety? Of course I’m anxious aren’t we all? Not sure I can get time off work for recomended CBT to address this. Also it really showed me the support you guys gave me when I said I was so upset saved me from melt down Sharing other people’s experiences of the tests so I’m not alone To warn others who are thinking of doing it Yes Karen in your head- you made me laugh - too easy with pen and paper!!! Could you have done it in your head? Hugs Min xx

They can do peri mortem tests that give them quite accurate answers regarding our previous levels. They did with me.