Results Back

Got a letter today to say my mri results were all normal so don’t know what is going on with my body. Got follow up appt in December so see what they say Axx

Interesting… how long have you been having symptoms? Hope you get an explanation, Arwen x

Well, it’s good that it’s come back normal, but obviously still leaves you with loads of unanswered questions. Keeping everything crossed for your appointment in December xxxx

I must have 6th sense. Have been too busy to come on here but just suddenly thought I’d have a look and see if you had heard anything!! So you’re back to square one like me! I was so hoping something would show up so you got an explanation :frowning: Hope you’re keeping well

S xx

Thanks Sharon and Purple. Yep feel very much like back at square one. Got my first symptoms 4 yrs ago birdlady burning arm. Other symptoms are fatigue (can’t get up stairs now without being exhausted and pulse going from 80-125), words wrong or on tip of tongue unable to say, memory problems, nystagmus, crawling sensation, very poor vision at night, falls, numbness to feet , very brisk reflexes, urinary urgency and incomplete blagger emptying, few episodes of bed wetting (never had a problem as a child etc) and total loss of libido. All bloods normal apart from vit d that was low. Baffled Axx

Was it just a head and neck MRI? Keep at 'em for answers. :heart:

Head and full spine Reiki. X

Well there is something going on isnt there. Clearly! They just need to run the right tests. the right scan or whatever. Don’t give up. X

Thanks birdlady. I’m in an odd place of being thrilled it was clear and then back to wondering what was going on. Axx

Just try your best to get on with life best as you can while you search for the answers and the solutions. make short cuts where necessary -eat out if you are too tired to cook and wash up… hire a scooter if you need to do a lot of walking. Whatever you do, do it in style. You may as well make it fun and enjoy yourself as much as possible xx

Thanks birdlady. I will try. Xxxx

Hey Arwen

I’m pleased and sorry your MRI is normal. It’s a strange place to be. My MRI was classed as essentially normal but did have a few non-specific lesions which some may say are age related some may say are not. My first neuro said I can’t say it is MS but I can’t say it’s not and my now current neuro said a lot of neuro’s would probably brush the lesions off as normal but he ahs seen many with MRI’s like mine go on to then develop more lesions and have MS.

All I’m saying is normal doesn’t always mean normal. When is your next review with the neurologist? Of course there is the chance this isn’t MS - hopefully they will have a plan of action of where to go from here.

This is the hardest bit as you’re struggling with all these symptoms and you’re relieved nothing’s been found but then you want an answer because you know everything is not ok. Stay strong hun.

I’m due my tests on the 25th and am scared if nothing shows up on any of them. That’ll be my third MRI then - I will truly be in limboland as I’m not sure which direction they’ll turn from there.

Goodluck, stay strong and keep fighting for answers.



Thanks Reemz. I haven’t seen the report yet sadly just literally a 2 line letter to say its normal but I do have a follow up start of December to see what he says and an appt at eye clinic before then following on from eye pain and blurring to rt eye again where they found very deep cupping to that eye but normal pressures etc. It is weird to have a feeling of great its clear and being left wondering! ! I know you know all to well how that feels. Really hope you get answers soon. Axx

[quote=“arwen”] Got a letter today to say my mri results were all normal so don’t know what is going on with my body. Got follow up appt in December so see what they say Axx [/quote] Not sure what to say really arwen because your still left with all the sypmtoms. There’s obviously something neurological going on…just a case of finding out what. Keep pushing for answers won’t you??

I will do Blossom. Thank you xx

Hi Arwen , I too recently got normal MRI result and continue living with all the symptoms. I have tried saying goodbye to this site but keep coming back to it. Stress was mentioned but i just dont buy it. at least im being referred for nerve conduction studies. I get shooting pains in arms, muscle spasms and my pinky finger in right hand splayed out a few months ago and i cant pull it back in. I have not had one doctor that can tell me what has caused this, certainly dont think stress can. Just wanted to let you know that i sympathise. x

Thanks Serina. I don’t buy stress either as I was actually in a really positive place when this bout started and not a finger but have a toe that will randomly just pull down away from the others and lock like that for some time and really hurts as you say how does stress do that. Let me know how you get on. Big hugs to you Axx

Hi I Arwen. My MRI came back normal and it sent me into quite an emotional dip as I was desperate for a diagnosis so I can put a name to why and how I am feeling. I had a nerve conduction test and EMG two weeks ago and am waiting the results, hopefully this week by post, and I have another consultation in December. I would say that I am 75% better than I was in the most acute stage of my episode which I had beginning in July this year. (Similar episode but not as acute approx 4 years ago). not back at work yet, still having problems with fatigue, word finding, memory, walking with a stick due to balance and associated pains in other joints due to limp. Muscle tightness still evident in buttocks and back of legs!!! For me when things come back clear it makes me wonder fit hey actually believe me when me say what the issues are. But as blossom says there is still definitely something going on and we have to push for an answer/explanation. Hope you get your answers real soon Arwen x

Hello arwen. Did you say like me you are a nurse? long have you been in nursing?. Have you ever come into contact with mercury? just wondering if its worth getting checked. If you’ve already considered this then I apologise.

Hi blossom. Yes I am a nurse and have been for 20yrs but never came into contact with mercury as the thermometers changed over not long after I started and none smashed when I was around but ?? ? checking anyway. Yvette that is exactly how I feel. Especially as though people will believe me. I tidied yesterday and hurt so much at bedtime, today I’ve done a grocery shop and I went round so slowly hanging on to the trolley because I felt so drained, foggy headed, dizzy and leg aching. I think what doesn’t help either is at original appt when neuro said he was looking for ms I asked what else it could be and he wouldn’t answer so don’t feel I have any other possible explanation although my friend today asked if it was maybe ME and I know they are similar Axx