Research Roundup

Hi Everybody,

I hope you are all not too bad today. I am a member of the MS Society and PDUK (parkinsons). PDUK send me an email every month called Research Roundup which summarises the latest research news, for instance this month amongst general news a new clinical trial they want volunteers for. It’s not heavy or too long and certainly makes me believe there is hope, progress, someone out there on the case. I think the MS Society should do the same every month. What do you think?


Hi Dave

Well the MSS already kind of do. There’s news about current research on this website. Then there’s the research news in MS Matters. Obviously they could publish more frequently but personally I’d prefer they saved the money for more research. Plus there’s the Barts Blog, that’s updated all the time with research.



I’d like to see more results of the various research projects. If a research projects hits the buffers then let us know. Things seem to disappear into the ether.

Hi Dave,

We do, we have a monthly e-newsletter which summarises research developments, information, blogs and updates from the past month. It’s called ‘the Buzz’ and if you click this link you can sign up to receive this e-news >


Oliver - admin


The trouble with some of these reports/newsletters etc is that they trumpet details of new research projects as if a cure/treatment had been found. A research project is just that. Those who don’t have m.s. are happy with the travelling those of us with m.s. wait for the arrival.

Hi Oliver, great, thanks for that. I have signed up for that and am looking forward to reading it!

Regards, Dave.

Great! I hope you enjoy and find it useful.