Request for medical report

Hope you are all fairing well

I have just been given a copy of the letter due to be sent by my employer to my Doctor, requesting a medical report about me. I had a quick read and found myself chuckling. OK some of the questions are fair enough but the others left me thinking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ Have a read of the excerpt below and see what you think.

1, A description of the employee’s current illness , or underlying medical
condition. If you have not been able to diagnose any illness or medical
condition please confirm if this is the case.

  1. The treatment or medication he is receiving to treat his illness or medical
    condition .

  2. The most probable duration of the employee’s illness or medical condition.

  3. The date on which the employee’s illness or medical condition was first

  4. The effect , if any, of the employee’s illness or medical condition on their
    ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities and whether or not that
    affect is substantial.

  5. In your professional opinion is the employee disabled within the meaning
    of the Equality Act 2010.

It will be interesting to read the Doctors report.

Take care all


Hi Simon,

They don’t look that hard.

Description’s easy, if you have a confirmed Dx - i.e. just name it.

Treatment’s easy: just a statement of fact. Doctor isn’t invited to speculate on treatments you may or may not have in future, so only needs to list any you’re on now.

Diagnosis date: another statement of fact. Regardless how long it’s been investigated, there must have been a date of diagnosis.

Probable duration: life.

Effect: only has to describe the position now - again, doctor not invited to speculate on what may or may not happen in the future.

Equality Act: If you have a confirmed diagnosis, I believe it automatically falls within the scope of the Act, without having to prove disability, or extent of disability. This is because it’s known to be a degenerative disease, so your employer can’t discriminate against you whilst you are still well, but then claim it isn’t covered, because you weren’t disabled at the time.

Hopefully, your doc’s reply should not come up with anything that really surprises you. As long as you get along OK, whatever they say should be the position as you understand it, too.


Spooky, Simon, I received the same form this morning for a visit to Occupational health.

I last went to Occy Health 3 years ago ( had SPMS for 9 years ) so my manager wants them updated as my manager has changed my work schedules, arrranged a more convenient parking space, and removed duties that are physically too exhausing for me. I have had incredible support ( I work in the NHS ) and their attitude is that I have 30 years experience & they dont want to loose me!! They also know that the Disabliity Discrimination Act covers MS so they HAVE to " make reasonable adjustments" Nice that one aspect of life is positive…

Good luck