I have had these electric shocks in my hands but mostly on my left hand for 9 weeks now. They feel like if u have ever took a plug out of the socket and caught the pins and u get that shock, but the shock is not a quite as painful as that but a similar feeling. I have been in contact with my Ms nurse who has spoken to my neuro. If the shocks are too much I have to increase the pregablin to 600mg a day. I was currently on 450mg. If I don’t see any benefit from it I have to call back. The nurse said it could be due to over doing things or tiredness or it could be something else. When I asked what do u mean? she said a relapse because it was a new symptom. So I’m still not sure which it is. Any advice would be much appreciated please.

Hi Mel,

To be honest, I wouldn’t worry too much about which it is.

Technically, a relapse does not have to be dramatic or disabling at all, and can be any new symptom lasting more than 24 hours that isn’t accounted for by other things (like overdoing it, or having an infection).

Only you know whether stuff has been going on in your life recently that means you’re more tired or stressed than usual, which could account for it.

If it is a relapse, it luckily seems to be a very mild one so far, so you’ve done the right thing and reported it, so it will be on the books as a “possible”, but if it doesn’t get any worse than it is, it probably won’t be the cause of any major concern, as far as your nurse or neuro are concerned. I don’t think they are that worried about the odd, purely sensory blip.

BUT, if you were to have something bigger later, they might look at it in context, and say: “Yes, and there was that minor thing earlier in the year too”. That could help decide whether they want to review your DMDs, or put you on one, if you’re not already. But I doubt they’ll want to make any major changes if it stays at a few weeks of tingly hands that could have been tiredness.


Hi Mel,

I have had something similar for the last six months. For several years have suffered occasional, toe spasms (stand up at 90 degrees) fingers, cross over each other and freeze. After severe stress the ‘Hug’ - I call it the steam roller, but for the last six months have had 3-4 bouts a day of severe hand & foot pain, my toes and fingers no longer close together, and they seem to have a mind of their own. Feet tingle all night in bed but now ~I have lost almost all feeling, unable to open an opened jar or bottle, can’t squeeze tooth paste, shampoo & shower gel etc. G.P. said he can’t help, wait for my next Nuero (yippee - it’ in three weeks time) My MS nurse asked my G.P. to give me Amitriptyline. Been taking 1 10mg a night, working for me, at least it tops up my painkillers and I manage to go to sleep at night. I have had a course of 6 Acupuncture sessions, as my hands and feet were blocks of ice during the day. I must admit it has helped, but too expensive to continue.

I don’t know if this a any kind of relapse or just a worsening of symptoms, will find out on 22nd I hope.

Perhaps you should talk to your MS nurse, and if she feels it necessary could arrange an earlier appt. with your Nuero.

Thinking of you - Take care


Thanku ladies for your comments and advice. Sometimes because I’m new to it all its getting used to your new body and learning what is what x

Hello there I’ve been on for 12 months now and had to increase it over time to where I’m on the maximum 600mg a day. It was increased on June 1st from 450mg -600mg ( it was increased 50mg every free days till I reached 600. So since 6th June I’ve been on 600mg a day (so almost 5weeks) I’ve felt not too bad taking them apart from groggy in the mornings but Monday and today I’ve felt drunk, my mouth feels odd and I’ve mixed my words up a bit today. Is all this normal even though it’s nearly 5 weeks? I thought it would have evened out by now.

I meant to say the tablets I’m on are pregablin oops

I had horrible pain in my face when eating or talking - like a very strong electric shock. I was prescribed gabapentin for it, which helped a lot. My walking got worse however, which I thought was from the gabapentin so I was keen to stop taking it. After a couple of weeks on the drug, the pain started to fade and I reduced my dose and then stopped altogether. The pain carried on fading and is now gone completely. So I think that probably now counts as a relapse. My walking hasn’t improved though …