Since the weekend, some symptoms that I’ve had previously have returned. None of them have lasted more than 24 hours except Lhermittes sign, which I have felt every day, but has been stronger first thing in a morning.

On Saturday, I walked to the football ok, but coming back, my body felt tingly from the chest down, but I still managed to walk even though I felt like I wasn’t in control of my legs. It seemed to settle down when I got home, so just put it down to stress of the match!

The following day, I noticed I had a numb area on the right side of my back which lasted the day. On Monday, I had pins and needles in my right hand and left leg. Can’t remember Tuesday for some reason Then today, when I sit down, my bottom feels freezing cold…I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve got up to see if anything has been spilt on the sofa!

Just wondered if this would be classed as a relapse, or if it could be that the dosage of Pregabalin I’m taking isn’t as effective as it was? I’m taking 100mg twice a day.

I’m seeing the neuro next week, is it worth contacting my GP or MS nurse before then?


Fizzy x

Remembered Tuesday I experienced jerky arm and neck movements, but didn’t really have loss of coordination, just felt my movements were a bit robotic, if that make sense!

Sorry, but I have no idea what’s going on as a relapse or pseudo-relapse wouldn’t make symptoms vary every day. I can’t think why not enough pregabalin would either, but I would guess that’s the most likely answer because symptoms do vary day to day when they’ve decided to become permanent ones. Definitely a question for your MS nurse I think. Let us know what he/she says? Karen x

Hi Karen,

Thanks for your reply.

I have spoken to my MS nurse this morning and she said it sounded like it could be an attack, but I should get my urine tested and see the GP to increase the Pregabalin. She also said I should be reassured that they are the same symptoms again and not new ones. It doesn’t really reassure me, infact I feel pretty devastated about it to be honest. Also asked if I had been stressed, which I have a bit, but I’m just that kind of person and I can’t switch off, so don’t know what I can do about that. School holidays don’t help my stress levels either!!

I’m seeing the neuro next week and she is also going to send me an appointment out to introduce herself, as I must have slipped through the net and she’s never had my details!


Fizzy x

It can be really tricky to work out what’s causing symptoms :frowning:

Hopefully it’s a UTI-induced pseudo-relapse and antibiotics will have you better in no time (usually only a day or two). “Breakthrough” symptoms because of stress and pregabalin not keeping a lid on them is pretty common too - a small increase in the dose may be enough to get you back to whatever your normal is again. Trying to find ways to destress seems like it might be an important thing for you though - you don’t want to have to keep mucking about with doses, it can get confusing!

It’s good that you’ve made contact with your nurse at least - a good MS nurse can be worth their weight in gold :slight_smile: