HI Everyone

I was diagnosed with rrms in August 2011. I have been taking Avonex for two years. Up til now i have been pretty ok. Just the usually fatigue pins and needles etc. Two weeks ago my pins and needles in my feet got really bad and i have ended up with numbness up til my waist. Called MS nurse they prescribed steriods dexamethasone which i started taking 6 for two days, 5 for two etc. Finished them yesterday i a feel no difference whatsoever. I was wondering how long it should take for some of the numbness etc to disapper. Getting pretty fed up.

I havent seen my neurologist in two years and because of this recent relapse i have appointment on the 31st March. Not really looking forward to it.

Hi Ingrid,

I’m sorry to say I have had a similar relapse that took months to get better. I’m not saying the same will happen to you, but don’t despair, as it can take a lot longer than a couple of weeks, even with steroids (which I never had, but not everyone responds anyway).

Definitely don’y give up, as two weeks is far too early. Mine improved so slowly, that at first I couldn’t even tell I was improving. It was only after a while, when I started comparing with how things were to start with, I noticed things had got very slightly better. Some things were still improving up to a year later, so never think a fortnight is as good as it’s going to get.



Hi Ingrid

I was diagnosed march 2012 and have been on avonex since may that year. Like yourself I have been doing alright but since christmas fatigue became more pronounced, I should add I take modafinil for fatigue. However I havent been able to work since beginning of feb due to relapse. I add vision problems and increased numbness and fatigue. I commenced on oral dex a reducing dose like yourself for thirteen days however more symptoms appeared and I had to have 3 day course of IV steroids at the advice of neurologist. They finished 2 weeks ago and I still feel pretty crap. Have been told just to allow time to recover which is difficult as I find it hard being off work.

But as tina says we wont give up I havent seen my neurologist in person since Jan 2013 and I didnt worry as i was doing so well but now I am kind of scared is this going to be it for me.

Take care