My heel and ankle of both feet have been very tight over the last week.

Now my right leg keeps giving out on me, and I can’t trust it to stand on, let alone hobble.

Does anyone think this is a relapse or it is a permanent wheelchair now for me?

Given that you are SPMS, I’m not sure. The rather sudden onset suggests it might be a relapse - I think it’s still possible to have some superimposed on SPMS. Alternatively, might you have an infection that’s temporarily making things worse? I’m still RRMS (officially speaking, anyway, though I have suspicions…) I never assume anything I’ve had for a week is “permanent”. I think it’s much too soon to tell. Tina

Just been to see my GP.

He is reasonably certain I am having a relapse, whilst reminding me no-one can be sure what level of function they will return to afterwards.

I was dreading the worst, so fingers crossed. Those few steps I could manage indoors with my rollator were so precious to me, so hope they will return.

Now have 3 days of the lovely tasting Methyl Prednisinone (have found raspberry roulade dulls the taste so there is always an up-side)