Hi, am wondering if anyone else had similar experiences with relapses / busy registrars who don’t listen. Not sure what to do next.

Have had RRMS for last 4 yrs. Yesterday morning ended up in dire pain and unable to use left leg. Had pins and needles over pretty much whole body, inside mouth, in ears, lips, nose, arms legs, bum everywhere. Had cold and burning sensations all over legs and arms. Arms were trembling and kept dropping stuff. Felt and still feel really foggy brained - it taken me ages to write this. Called GP Out of hours service who told me to go to A&E. Saw Medical registrar who was concerned it was the start of a relapse and wanted to admit me which I wasn;t over the moon about but I just wanted to pain and sensations to stop. Then Neuro registrar came to examine me and she was awful. She would ask me questions and then say “Uh hu” halfway through my answers. She kept firing instructions and I was getting confused. She answered her bleep about 4 or 5 times whilst examining me and made me feel like I was an inconvenience. She asked me if I had got any Gabapentin left at home (I stopped taking it 3 months ago as was fine without it) - I said probably not, she told me just to restart them so I assumed she would give me a prescription. I often get “silent” urine issues, ie don;t get pain or symptoms of UTI, you can only tell if you diptick or culture it - she told me I hadnt got one without even taking a urine sample. She told me to go home and take gabapentin and tell my physio on Monday that I am having a relapse.

My physio is in a different building in the hospital grounds, there is not a doctor on site and they only do physio. I am still feeling terrible, I found 1 gabapentin in an old handbag so have saved it for this evening alongside some co-codamol. I keep falling over and am suffering from Lhermittes phenomenon (electric shocks down spine). I am in so much pain and don’t know what to do. Called back the out of hours GP who said I should go back to A&E but know if I do that I’ll get the same neuro registrar as they are usually oncall all weekend.

Help - don’t know what to do. Can phone MS nurses tomorrow but its an answer service with a 2 working day call return turnaround :frowning:

Sounds like a nightmare! If I was you I would go back to a & e but if you see the same registrar ask for a second option?. Good luck