relapse question ????

Hi everyone,

Hope you all had a great christmas and here’s hoping 2012 is better for us all !!

I wanted to ask a question? I had a flare up at beginning of November this year and had oral steroids.

This helped but over the past 24 hours I can feel it coming on again (bad vertigo) .

Has anyone else had a flare up so soon after another one ?? Dont want to phone up doc and be told

to grin and bear it if i could get help ! hope im not starting another flare up,

Thanks xxx

im in pretty much the same boat. had vertigo since christmas eve.

bloody frustraiting isnt it?

You could ask your dr for some stematil tablets, they are quite good, although they dont work for everyone, i get vertigo very bad, and it leaves me in bed for months, at times, and it really annoys me when people think its 'just a dizzy ’ feeling, you feel like you are dying when its that bad,

my neuro physio has suggested i try some special excercises when it gets really bad, but i am scared of trying them , becuase they make the vertigo worse to begin with.

Hope you feel better soon.

jaki xx