Relapse on tysabri

I’ve been on extended dosing (so only had 6 doses of tysabri to date) for just a year and I’m already experiencing a mini relapse. I’m heartbroken and so anxious and depressed. What my future will mean now that it isn’t working as it should. Anyone give any advice? I’m newly diagnosed (28) so this is all so very frightening. I have a little toddler and husband and I’m so worried I’ll not be around to see my daughter grow up or enjoy life at all. So far my relapses haven’t stopped me doing anything jusy a buzzy leg and weird sensations. Would really appreciate a boost from fellow MS’ers

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The same happened to me. Don’t panic - just get back to 4-weekly as fast as you can. I had gone 10+ years on Tysabri with no relapses, then with all the Covid restrictions, I asked to try 6-weekly dosing to minimise hospital visits. I started relapsing half way through my second 6-week stretch. The MS nurses were great and got me back to 4-weekly straight away. The relapse stopped advancing, and soon retreated, thank goodness, and I have been absolutely fine in the year or so since. I very much hope that you find the same. No more 6-weekly for me if I have anything to do with it. It seems to work for most people, but it doesn’t work for everyone.

Thank you, however I can only be on it two years due to my high JC count which is wjy I’m panicking so much :disappointed: