Possible relapse on Tysabri

Hi all,
Hope everyone is doing okay.
Have felt very odd over the last week, which I appreciate that when you have MS is not a surprise! But have felt wiped out more than normal, then the vertigo started again when I am laying down and the balance and vision was all off too.
Now the right side of my face and tongue are numb which happened back in May. Is this a possible relapse? It has been a while since I felt this rough.
I was diagnosed with rapidly evolving RRMS and am currently having a Tysabri infusion every 28 days, have my 6th one next week.
I am seeing the consultant in March, but I guess it’s worth a call to the MS nurses?

Any advice would be greatly received. Thanks

Sorry to hear you’ve been feeling rough. I’ve had a rough week myself! It could be a virus maybe? I know that when I get ill/run down old symptoms flare up. You seem to have a lot of symptoms all at once which is less characteristic of a relapse I’ve been told. So travel in hope, but do let your nurses know as a relapse is clearly a possibility.

Hoping for you it isn’t :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:
Charlotte xx

Well, it does sound as if something is grumbling away in there, doesn’t it? It can take time for Tysabri to build up to full strength and it’s early days for you. Best to keep your MS nurse in the loop. Fingers crossed it doesn’t come to anything much - I have a couple of times over the years on Tysabri felt a relapse coming on over hours/days but it has never managed to take hold and get established, and has faded away. I hope you find the same. Don’t forget that if you are ill or overheated you can expect a temporary recurrence of symptoms from not-completely-healed past relapses, by the way, but I’m sure you know that already.