Hi Everyone, I have rrms, I am waiting to start dmd. I have been been examined by a neurologist who says I am having a relapse. I have had left hand face numbness plus numbness in my lips also numbness on my tongue. I also can’t hear properly, they are horrible symptoms. This has been going on for a week. Has anyone had these symptoms??? How long did they last for ??? I have had ms symtom for 11 years. Diagnosed in 2010. My main symptom which I have had for 11 years is numbness from the waist down. So this is a bit of a surprise for me. I have been checked and no infection. I had a Mri beginning of year showed New lesions. Does this mean the ms is getting worse ??? Any advise would be appreciated thanks.


your mri showed evidence of relapse activity.

you are mid relapse according to your neuro.

we never know if we will recover completely, partially or not.

i was mid relapse when i was diagnosed in 2008.

the symptoms faded but i was always aware of them.

the sooner you start your dmd the better.

try to remain calm.

easier said than done, i know, but stress just makes everything worse.

come back and tell us which dmd you have chosen.

carole x


I don’t think anyone can say if the MS is getting worse. But, you have relapsing-remitting MS - that means you have remission after the relapse, though how great that remission will be is sadly impossible to say (one of the hardest things emotionally about MS is the amount of uncertainty). Did the neuro say anything about having steroids? If not, get back in touch and ask for them, as they help speed up recovery from a relapse.

In the meantime, get plenty of rest, and stay cool in this heatwave (the heat may well be making symptoms worse). And don’t let yourself get stressed about it, as stress won’t help. It’s understandable to be frightened when new symptoms come along. But you’re strong, and you’ll be able to adapt.



If you want steroids, your GP should be able to prescribe them: 500mg per day X 5 days. If your GP isn’t comfortable prescribing them, ask your MS nurse to get in touch with the practice and explain the usual dosage for an MS relapse. Here is the link to the MS Trust about methylprednisolone:

It does sound like a relapse and steroids should speed up remission, although as you know, remission is not always complete recovery from the symptoms. I wouldn’t necessarily think your MS is getting worse though.

Best of luck.