Referred to Neurology

My first post on here, so hello to all!!

So after being referred to MSK from my Gp (neck & arm pain since last May) and having an MRI of C spine and Brain, I have now been referred to Neurology!..But not till July!!

It seems there is no pinched nerve (which they thought was the problem) but found 'a solitary small area of T2 hyperintensity immediately adjacent to the left occipital horn) With that and the fact that my reflexes are brisk and blurry vision are sending me to Neuro.

I know they are busy so not having a moan but having to wait another eight weeks to probably have more tests seems like forever…

I just find it helps to come on here and have a read of what everyone else is going through (makes you feel like your not on your own :slight_smile: )


Hi Tracy, have you considered a private referral. I was referred this week. My gp told me the wait was 4 months but that I shouldn’t wait this long and to go private. It’s a frustrating journey isn’t it.

Exactly the same with me … I saw the same chap as I would have on the NHS but waited a week rather than sixteen. I’ll see him again for my follow up appointment and then be referred back into NHS if need be.

Good luck x

Oh right, thanks both, I may look into going private then…

hi tracy

you’re already on the road to diagnosis so if you can hold on that’s great.

however i understand the need for answers fast.

good luck whichever route you decide to take.

carole x

Thanks Carole I’ve waited this long so another few months will be ok, it’s just when you first get the date you feel like it’s soo long away. I’m just glad that the doctor I saw (who has referred me on) took notice of me and actually ordered the brain MRI as well as spine. Tracy x

hiya tracy

first of all hello, from me, diagnosis is not a quick process from gp referral to diagnosis was 14 months for me. the appointments for mri’s and lumbar puncture was very slow to come around and spaced months apart,. my referral was an urgent one and it took 13 weeks for them to find me a appointment despite scanning all hospitals in SE daily for cancellations, hope yours comes around quicker

claire x

Hi Claire Wow 13 weeks for an urgent referral!! I have people say ‘if it’s anything bad/urgent they would have seen you by now’ just have to be patient I suppose. Tx