'Reduced sensation' all over?

Hi all, you know I don’t really have a lot of numbness… usually only on my right hip and groin area… but what I notice more and more is reduced sensation all over my body. I notice this particularly when I’m washing or putting moisturising cream on… my hands, face, legs, torso… everywhere… not numb but not full sensation.

My feet don’t feel numb but a friend recently noticed that I have a bad corn on the ball of my foot. Doesn’t hurt at all. I’ve also noticed it if I burn or cut myself… just no pain whatsoever.

Few months back I dropped a full tin of baked beans on my bare foot. It was agony for about 1 minute & then no pain at all… even though next day it was very swollen and black. Strangely enough the other foot was hurting, but not the bruised foot.

Not a major problem… in fact hardly a problem at all (and certainly NOT complaining about NOT having pain!) … but a bit worrying if it continues getting worse.

Anyone else notice it?

Pat x

I do have a lot of numbness in my feet and lower legs and find that I have reduced pain there. For example, last summer I went to the loo in the night and trod on something. It did not hurt but when I got back into bed I noticed that my foot was wet - it was bleeding! I had cut it but it didn’t hurt until a lot later when it started to throb slightly. So it seems that numbness and the loss of sensation are similar or at least lead to a similar conclusion! I agree it is worrying if it continues to deteriorate. Don’t know if this helps at all Pat but just wanted to share. Teresa xx

Hi Pat

Aye, got this amongst many. I had an ‘attack’ May 2012 and a thick ‘dentist numbness’ hit my body which has since receeded. However, it has left a reduced sensation from my armpits, all the bits inbetween right through to the end of toes.

So yeah, I’m on the same boat as you. Not full sensation.


Thanks Teresa… yes it does help. I suppose I always think if numbness as completely numb… like at the dentist… but seems I have semi-numbness.

I have had cuts on fingers and bleeding and a terrible moment of panic wondering where the blood is coming from!

Guess we have to be extra careful.

Hope you’re doing ok hon,

Pat x

Thanks Marty… yep that’s it. Once again it’s only others on here who know what I’m talking about!


Hi Pat

Yes I have this as well, sometimes notice blood and have not

realised I had knocked myself.

Also I can’t tell temperature of the water, so have to be extra

careful with that.

Take care

Pam x

Hi Pat

Altered sensation, etc but other things cause lack of sensations - diabetes! I often think (you know I do, AND it’s not good for me) that other symptoms can be missed under the MS umbrella! Hate to be a worry wort, complain away that’s what we are here for.

Next time you drop a tin of beans on your foot, put ice on it straight away, even IF it doesn’t hurt please!M

Thanks Pat - I’m as well as can be expected atm. Pam - I also find it quite hard to differentiate between temperatures - especially on my feet! Teresa xx

M you are a born scientist. I read the results of some research recently that had the same conclusion… apparently MSers have some protection from serious conditions because of our immune systems being in battle mode all of the time… but serious conditions can often be missed because early symptoms such as fatigue and pain are missed as assumed to be MS.

Well now that’s just a wee bit too serious for a wet Wednesday evening!!!

On a lighter note, I’ve taken my xmas decorations down, done 2 loads of washing (in our lovely free laundry room) & visited my 98 year old neighbour Huguette! I had a lovely festive season but very pleased to be back in the old routine… AND a new series of Pointless starting in a few mins…

Have a nice evening my lovelies,

Pat xx

Hey Pat and my Manipulated Senses friends. Must be the weather or the Moon (don’t worry that’s an odd theory I have). But you are not alone, lost connection with my right hand and arm today, pins and needles like mad and like it belonged to someone else. I swear I could have done anything to it and wouldn’t feel a thing. Sleep and cold air seems to play quite a large part in it, do you find that? Just got in and went straight to bed so shattered. Hope you get some sensations cal soon, I can really say I know what Wu mean. Paul :slight_smile:

Hi all I too have these problems, I pick hot plates etc up in the kitchen and do not feel a thing only notice burn marks later on , my wife is always complaining about how hot I have the water when washing up, she can not put her hand in the water.

I often bang myself in my “drunken stupor” and feel nothing and am then asked about the bruises.

Like you say it is a plus side not feeling pain but strange one.

Our decorations are down as well and away in the loft until next year (deep joy). Started back to work today so to say I am tired is an understatement.

Take care


Haven’t taken the decorations down yet - the children like them for as long s possible, so it’ll probably be the weekend. Not really fed up with them yet! That’s a first for me! Keep as well as can be, Teresa xx

Dear Pat

You are a star, take careM

Dear All…

I know threat is old but anyone having these sort of problems are mostly related to blood because blood have some particles which are necessary for brain to function properly. please test your blood and concern a doctor accordingly.

Remember in your prayers

Last post was four and a half years ago…and you’re telling people that getting bloods tested for “particles” in order for the brain to function “normally”!

Another new member going on about prayers. I’ve been private messaged TWICE this week by new “members” , who seem to know everything and telling me the answer is in prayer.

Well I get blood work done regularly and I’m a total non believer. I’m just trying to live my life with ms without having to read tripe.

One of those posts I wish I hadn’t read at the start of my day.

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We have a religious couple as near nieghbors he’s always telling me he will pray for me I tell him iff it was going to work

There would be no illness no war and no disasters like those recently .

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