Reduced baclofen

I’m supposed to be taking 60mg a day but I reduced my baclofen to 10mg at night and I haven’t peed in the bed since which is great. Could be a coincidence or maybe it was the cause of it. I still take 50mg a day but only take 10mg at night. The only problem is spasticity is causing my leg to be stiff all day but I’ve had it for 3 weeks now and maybe that extra 10mg at night I’m not taking is causing it. Don’t know if I’m making a mistake by cutting down a little on baclofen. Im 10 days on the reduced dose,can I start back taking 60mg without any problems or should I stay on 50mg if it stops me peeing in bed.

When my neurologist prescribed it to me I was told to start with 25mg twice a day. However, she also told me that i would be the best judge of the affects of the drug. She told me to use my own experiences with it as a guide to the fose that suits me. I have stayed with 25 twice a day, the second dose taken before bed. I find it’s dtopsto the restless legs and makes me feel drowsy, which is great. If I’m feeling particularly stiff I sometimes take one during the day.

Could it be that 10mg allows you to be in a lighter sleep and so wake up for a pee?

I can’t see why you can’t go back to 60mg without problems.

I’m always complaining about my stiff legs to my neuro so I’m on 60mg for years but only finds it helps a little bit. I take 20mg 3 times a day but since I cut the nighttime dose to 10mg I wake up if I need to go to toilet. I think I’m in a lighter sleep since I started it as you say but I sleep all night thankfully. Just my leg is extra stiff all day now and wondering is it cos I reduced it or just an ms thing. Thanks poppy

I can’t say Jimmy. Something to ask your neurologist sometime maybe?

I find magnesium spray helps with stiff calves sometimes and is brilliant with cramping. ItsI an oil though and a real slip hazzard if it gets on the floor! I spray it into my palm and massage into the affected area.

I got that spray in h&b and it’s oily. I stopped taking it and just use the tablets. Im looking into cbd now,few people saying great things about it for stiff legs and pain. Thanks poppy

Hi there,

I take 60mgs of Baclofen per day for my ms leg stiffness/spasms. I have Magnesium spray & CBD oil.

Any views on a Baclofen Pump?