Red & hot face and blotchy neck!

I was perscribed 500mg methylprednisolone to be taken once a day, by my neurologist yesterday, to relieve weird wave like sensations in my head giving me similar symptoms to vertigo - I can’t sit in the front of the car as I feel physically sick. The hospital mucked up giving me the normal leaflet that you get with your medication so I have been busy googling! I haven’t really found much evidence of this medication causing my symptoms. Can anyone shed any light to it?


I’ve not been on steroids, personally, but this sounds a rather classic side-effect, and nothing to do with the MS.

It’s terrible you’ve been given any meds without the patient information leaflet, by the way. How would you know if you got a rare but serious side-effect, which needed reporting right away? I don’t think you are having a dangerous side-effect, just to reassure you. But the point is, how could you tell, if they don’t give you the info?

The reason for your meds doesn’t seem to have been explained very well, either. They won’t treat vertigo or odd sensations directly. Instead, it looks like your neuro has probably concluded you are having a relapse, or MS flare-up, which is causing these symptoms. The steroids should help settle the flare-up more quickly, but they don’t treat individual symptoms - usually.

If you ever have questions or concerns about any drug - e.g. whether a side-effect is “normal”, it’s worth remembering any pharmacist on any high street should be able to help. You don’t have to return to the same place you got them - in this case, the hospital.


Hello sallum

I agree with everything Tina has said.

Redness, is one of the classic side effects. I’m a true red head…pale skinned, with a few freckles. After a steroid injection, I go a wonderful shade of red

Very naughty, that you didn’t get the leaflet.

Noreen x

Hi Sallum

I have been on these a few times and each time they make my face very red and I feel really hot. I was in hospital the first time I took it and the nurse said to expect it.

Hope they help you.

Take care.

Shazzie xx