Recommendations for a bag with a seat please

I am going on holiday abroad soon and my problem is that if I stand for any period of time I get nerve pain in my right leg, As we all know airports are all about standing in queues. I have seen a few rucksack type bags with a built in seat (mainly aimed at the fishing community} that may help but wondered if anyone had anything that they could recommend? It needs to be quite compact as it will be hand luggage (plus I prefer to take as little as possible as carry on) and light and preferably a bit more cheery than the usual camouflage or khaki (because they are mainly for fishing)


If this is JUST for the airport, book assistance AHEAD of the flight and get whizzed thru in a buggy or wheelchair. If this is for airport and beyond, then a walker/ wheelchair usually qualifies as "medical equipment and should be carried FREE. This is on top of hold and hand luggage. Check with the airline well in advance and book assitance and ask about taking equipment.

See this link Travelling with mobility and medical equipment | UK Civil Aviation Authority

Thanks Reddvine it is predominantly for the airport although it may well come in handy in other situations. The thing is I can walk ‘fine’ it’s 'just pain ’ that I have and the occasional limp! (but the pain always gets worse when I have to stand-although it never goes away really).I don’t use any aids,although I have just ordered a walking stick to try and see if using that can take the pressure off my ‘bad leg’ so I would feel a total fraud asking for assistance (especially when they see me running round duty free-albeit with a grimmace!) Perhaps if it all goes horribly wrong this trip I will consider assistance for the next trip.I am very stubborn according to my husband and won’t be told ha ha! x

Belle, why wait till it goes “horribly wrong”?! Why risk injury and spoiling the holiday? I am now a wheelchair user, but before I reached this stage I used a walker. It’s feather light yet strong. Folds side to side and is like an umbrella then! Has a canvas durable seat and no visible wiring. I removed the small shopping bag. It’s from Elite Care and it’s called the Ultra light. Costs under £80 It’s a sleek looking one,if there’s such a thing! Now my husband takes it with us on holiday. He puts both our hand luggage on it and I use it indoors at the accommodation.

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I just put “rucksack chair uk” into google and it came up with these. Good luck and happy hol’s

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I’ve just done a quick search too and I think this is a nice (non-camo) option for taking away with you…

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Thank you.

Hi just to update,

I didn’t get a bag with a seat,instead I bought a tripod seat to put in my bag that cost £3! However when I read the blurb about whet you cannot pack in your hand luggage I felt that it fell within the ‘Anything that could potentially be used as a blunt instrument’ (to be fair that probably covers most things but I left it behind as I didn’t want to risk it!)

Anyway when I arrived at Manchester airport I got my foldable walking stick out after check in for two reasons. Firstly I anticipated that it would be needed in the long snaking queue through security and secondly I didn’t want it showing up on the x-ray and have to have my hand luggage delayed and searched! Well as soon as the security guard saw it he sent me straight to the assistance entrance and they fast tracked me straight though security! Then when we got to the gate I was invited to get on the plane first. So although I didn’t book assistance because I don’t need that yet they were still really on the ball- shame they weren’t quite as accommodating at JFK where I was urged to speed up by the security guard!

Anyhow all credit to the staff at Manchester airport who anticipated my needs so well.