Recommend me a travel mobility scooter

Looking for a compact travel scooter. Not sure if anything would fit in the boot of my Kia picanto, need seats for children. But hubbie has an S type Jag, small boot opening but he can get golf clubs and a trolly in there. Cheap ad chips would be good, have looked at Luggie and Mobie, they cost a lot but would be cheaper than swapping car for a bigger one! Any ideas?

Never used one, but these look to be the smallest around. Apparently you do still need some ability to walk.

My balance is not too good, do not like the idea of 3 wheels, does not look safe to me. But thanks anyway, on the upside think it would fit in my car

Hya, try this site. It has good reviews on loads of scooters:

Pat x

Welcome to the holy grail search. - A compact mobility scooter that will do more than perfectly flat terrain at a reasonable price!

After months of searching for a transportable scooter that would cope with my steep drive I gave up! Not before I had demo-ed loads and read about even more!

I’ve moved house now and no longer have the drive issue but I use a wheelchair now and don’t need a transportable scooter. If I was still buying I’d get the TGA Buddy. It’s a 3 wheeler but I found it very stable. What attracted me most was that it folded up without dismantling. It’s not cheap but I was very impressed with the customer service at TGA . I’d looked at lots of tatty plastic but this seemed very well made.

Still looks big. Think I will have to have a drive round local mobility shops and get them to try and put it in my boot!

Check out at where you can find all types of scooters and cars that will fit to your lifestyle and trips. Or if you are interested, I can swap your Kia picanto to my car.