Recently started in Copaxone..

Hello :wave:
I’m new to the forum and thought I’d finally join a community where others will understand my experience.

I was diagnosed with MS in October 2021 following and episode of slurred speech, weakness in hands and legs, severe headache. I was admitted to hospital with suspected a suspected Stoke and the MRI confirmed RR MS. I was diagnosed a week before my 26th birthday.

I started copaxone around 3 weeks ago (1 20mg injection daily) and the first week I felt like I had flu and just completely wiped out (thankfully this has passed) - did anyone else get this?

Everytime inject I get a large sore itchy lump around the injection site that take over a week to heal, which means I’m running out of places to inject at the moment :laughing: has anyone else had this? Is it normal? Do the lumps heal after a while? Am I doing something wrong to have lumps appear every time? Or is this just an overall side affect of copaxone and therefore I just need to keep alternating where I inject until the lumps heal?

Any advice or stories of your own experience would be much appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this :blush:


Hi , I was on copaxone when I was first diagnosed. It did leave a sore bump. I found it was easier to inject in my thighs and towards my bottom as opposed to my belly.

I was on it for 18 months but it didn’t help so moved onto Mavenclad which is stronger.