Copaxone lumps


I’ve recently started Copaxone injections and am experiencing painful lumps after injecting; I inject manually.
Some seem to be there after 2/3 weeks and still large in size and I wondered if they ever go away?

I use cool pads when injecting and have been trying to massage the lumps from the next day, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect. Am just worried they’ll never go and guess I just wondered if anyone else found that they do eventually go?


Hi Miss-Giggles
I have the same problem with my Copaxone injections. I massage the injection site for 5 to 10 minutes which seems to help, although there is still a lump. I’ve been on this DMD for over a year now and find that the lumps can last for over a week. On the bright side, my last MRI showed no further lesions which is what we are aiming for. If it is an autoinjector you use it be helpful to look at decreasing the setting but I would discuss this with your MS nurse first.
Take care

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