Recently diagnosed....

Hello everyone. :wave:
I’m a 59 year old mother of 3 sons and granny of one grandson. I live in a beautiful area of the country and did spend most days walking the hills.

I’ve just come out of hospital after a week of blood tests and MRI scans as I am experiencing a numb leg and pins and needles in both feet, which at first I thought was due to too much walking.
The neurologist was excellent and was determined to find cause of problems, which turns out to be Ms.
I’ve never had an episode before so does this mean its early stages?? MRI found lesion on T5 and few tiny ones in brain. Ive just taken 5 days of 500mg steroids and now feel so ill.
Nauseated, vomiting, indigestion, exhaustion etc etc…
Sorry to moan… Hopefully things will get better over next few weeks. I’m determined to get back on the hills!!! :crossed_fingers::slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Midge
As you have probably heard many times, everyone’s MS is different and there is no way of knowing whether you will have further episodes or whether things will stabilize and life will eventually get back to a kind of normality.
Speaking personally I had my “first” episode in 2011, the year I turned 50. Although with hindsight there had probably been other minor things which I explained away. That episode was quite major, put me in hospital for a week, I had numbness all down my right side and double vision which took 6 months for they eye to return to normal.
I had one quite major relapse 2 years later again affecting vision, but since then nothing too serious.
My biggest issue now is fatigue which in itself can be quite debilitating but manageable. I took partial early retirement from work and now take time in the afternoons to rest, this enables me to crack on and still have a life.
So I would say just give yourself time, don’t push too hard and with a bit of luck you’ll be back on the hills before you know it.

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Cracking view Midge, no wonder that you want to get out there again.
Sorry you are feeling so rough with the steroids. Once you feel a bit better, have a chat with GP/MS nurse/Neurologist. If the diagnosis is pretty solid, you should be (in my opinion) discussing DMTs which can reduce the frequency and severity of relapses.
All the best & thanks for sharing the great view.

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Thank you Noodle… Hopefully you will be able to manage the fatigue, especially in this hot weather!!! I’ve read it can make symptoms worse. :worried::fire:

Hi Mick… Thanks for reply. Feeling bit better today thanks. But so exhausted… Heat not helping!
Staying inside with curtains drawn this weekend!! :sunglasses::blush:

Glad to hear that things are not as bad. I am no fan of being cold but the heat does knock the stuffing out of me. Poor old weather can not win!

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