Recently been diagnosed. Need help!

So hi guys. I am Indian and since theres literally no support forums for MS there I came in here to share my story and seek help.

A background, I relate more to UK than my country. I am a massive football fan and have the Arsenal crest tattooed on my arm. :smiley: You know how it is like to support Arsenal. And also have MS. Had the short end of the stick there.

Anyway, I am male, almost 29 and been diagnosed a month back with RR MS.


Had a few massive relapses over the past year. So I have a lesion on my cerebellum which affects my gait and balance. I also had a recent new lesion on my optic nerve, thankfully I can still see. The vision is made a bit distorted as it kind of keeps jumping in front of me. That makes the vision a bit blurry. Its only my left eye for now.

So [removed by admin] went south last year when I had pain and weakness in my right leg. I thought it was sciatica and exercises would be good enough. I exercised regularly and things got better. However, as time went on I realised I was losing balance. But did not anticipate MS. Then since the turn of the year, my entire body is extremely spastic while I barely have any strength in my right leg. Theres no numbness but it feels heavy and have to drag it along. My right arm is also weak and trembles when am anxious. Everything gets amplified when am anxious. Has anyone managed to get their balance back after a cerebellum lesion has remitted? Also how do I deal with the spasticity?

Any leads? Doc says you need to get your way around the muscular issues by exercising, relaxing, etc. Hasn’t started meds yet. Should be on by next week.

Do I have a life ahead of me?


Of course you have a life ahead of you. Despite MS and any football supporting silliness, you just need to make the most of what you have. When we are fit and able we tend to take things for granted, you will have a new appreciation for the “good stuff”

I hope you can get good professional support and medication if necessary. Your job will be to ensure that you manage as best you can and build a support team of family and friends to help deal with the bad stuff.

My balance has come and gone a few times so yes ,in my opinion it can improve after an attack. As for spasticity, there are some meds that can help, however I have found that I can affect the severity and frequency with stretches and breathing exercise.

So I have no "hard and fast " answers but I might start with a name change- maybe “hopefulray” ?

Good Luck


Hi Ray,

Do you live in the UK? Knowing where you are will help us to give you more accurate information.

Mick is right, MS is like everything in life, it depends on what attitude you have. If you have a positive outlook you will find answers that will help you overcome difficulties.

A positive attitude will not solve problems or cure MS but, as Mick says it will change your life from “hopeless” to “hopeful”.

The good news is that you found this Forum. There are contributors from all over the world here and the extent of their combined experience is enormous. And we all want to help where we can.

Welcome to the club.

Best wishes,


Hi, I stay in India. Came here as there aren’t many forums dedicated for Indians around here. Hopefully I can fit in with you guys and recover well.

Hello hopelessray Yes of course you have a life ahead of you. I know and care nothing for football, but I know a reasonable amount about RRMS. Do you know if you have the same options for DMDs (Disease Modifying Drugs) as we do in the U.K.? Do you know which one you will be starting yet? Assuming you get started on a drug that suits you and works well and you get busy with physiotherapy, you should find that you have a good amount of remission from your initial relapse. Any spasms and spasticity that remain you should be able to treat with a drug like Baclofen. I think you will be welcome to use this forum, obviously there are some differences between the services available here and in India. But apart from that, it’s the same disease, same issues, and mostly the same drugs. (I expect to be just as welcome when I visit Bengaluru in 2 weeks time!) Sue