Recent diagnosis, new symptons?

Hi all, I am a 39 year old man who has recently diagnosed with rrms. I had my first symptom (facial numbness) 10 years ago & 2nd symptom (double vision) a couple of mths ago which was when I was diagnosed. In the 10 year gap I had no other noticeble symptoms & led a very fit active lifestyle (which I still do). I am due to go on a treatment of lemtrada in a month or so. In the meantime I have been experiencing slurred speech along with thumping headaches. I have spoken to the ms nurses who have not really told me if this is a relapse or just an ongoing symptom of the ms? I am also very fatigued especially as the day goes on. There seems to be mixed info on headaches & ms so just wondering if anyone has any similar info on this? Thank you!

Yes MS does cause headaches but they can be far worse with a complaint that otherwise mimics MS symptoms APS or Sticky Blood. See

Get a test.


hi ben

you sound like an ideal candidate for lemtrada.

young, fit and healthy.

the ms nurses are reluctant to say it’s a relapse, as we all tend to look for them.

to be honest, they’d only prescribe steroids.

i avoid these as they weaken the bones. i had a densa scan and it found that i have osteopaenia in my spine.

so i’d rather tough a relapse out than take steroids.

perhaps you should view the headaches as normal.

like the ones you had before diagnosis.

good luck with the infusions.

carole x