Rebif / symptoms

Hi all. Still fairly new to ms and still trying to get my head round it. I’m determined to not let it beat me but emotionally I think the realisation is kicking in. I was diagnosed 8 months ago and have been on Rebif 22 since Christmas. I know relapses should calm down, hopefully…I had 4 last year. My question is, is it normal to still have l’hermittes, tingly legs and funny feet, tiredness etc…are they just usual symptoms whether or not your on treatment? My little finger on my left hand and my palm underneath it has felt numb…skin numbness I think since August, I also have nerve pain…makes me want to itch like mad , so not pain really just damned annoying. my balance has its off days and I can’t handle alcohol anymore. Is this just the norm? I know I do too much and don’t sleep well. I work 21 hrs a week, plus run a pub with my hubby and am in the middle of starting my own business, 2 teenagers and 2 dogs…always busy so I don’t have time for ms…lol
I’ll stop now …if I get started I’ll be moaning,crying and be a mess, don’t want to bore you all. I know I’m not the only one and there are people a lot worse off than me and I should think myself lucky.


So sorry Karina, but the injectable DMDs don't usually do anything for existing symptoms - they help to prevent new ones.

It sounds like you need to talk to your MS nurse and/or neuro about getting help - a neuropathic painkiller might make the world of difference to many of your symptoms. (You could try your GP too, but some are reluctant to prescribe without neuro/nurse guidance.)

Also sorry to say - overdoing things is a sure-fired way of exacerbating symptoms. Try and rest a bit more?

Karen x


Sorry to hear your having arough time, ive been on rebif 44 since september 2011 and its has stopped me from relapsing but some old symptoms are still there daily like pins and needles and feeling really tired. I spoke to my ms nurse about it and she said its pretty normal so that made me feel better. Im like you I often struggle to let myself rest properly and end up paying a big price for it in the end. Im learning more and more with this that i have to let me body rest, and maybe be a little selfish from time to time.

Hope you feel better soon :0)

Kelly xx