Rebif 44 side effect problems

Evening all

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I’ve been on Rebif 44 for nearly 12 months now with no real problems. I have to take two 400mg Ibuprofen (a lot I know) at the time I inject and the only side effects I had was the odd ache the following day.

This last couple of weeks, however, the Ibuprofen don’t seem to be working as well as they did. I’ve been having to take two paracetamol as well, around 1-2 hours afterwards, because the shakes and aching just gets too much. I don’t really like taking so many pills but realise I have no choice. I’ve also found that drinking water seems to help a little.

My question is does anyone know why, all of a sudden, the painkillers seem to have lost their edge when it comes to keeping the worst of the fluey side effects at bay?

Hi, well I know this won’t help you but I have been on betaferon for 15 years and have long ago stopped having side effects or taking ibuprofen. However on a couple of nights a few months ago, on evenings after taking betaferon, I woke up sweating, shivering, really flu like, I had to wake my husband to help me, lol. I took ibuprofen then and was ok by morning. My only explanation was that it felt like I used to do when I first started betaferon. I don’t know if that was it or not! Not long before I had started Sativex and on those nights I had taken Sativex followed immediately by betaferon and I thought maybe this was the problem. Now I leave a gap between Sativex and betaferon, but maybe it was nothing to do with this. Is it possible something like this has happened with you? Cheryl:)

Hi Cheryl

Thanks for the reply. I’m really not sure what’s started things off. I’m not taking any other medication apart from the pill. The only thing I’ve now thought of is that my GP put me on a new pill but that started just over 4 weeks ago and she assured me there’d be no problems. I’ve only had these problems with the rebif since last Monday nights injection. Hmm, t’is a strange one, lol!

Hi I have been on Rebif for 2 years now and I don’t usually get any side effects after injection now. However about 3 weeks ago I had a week where my fatigue was really bad, I had just had a very stressful week at work and I couldn’t seem to keep warm (I’m usually too hot, if anything). Each night that I did my Rebif injection at bedtime, following my usual routine, I would be awake a few hours later and would be tossing and turning with flu type aches and pains and chills. It wasn’t until the end of the week that I remembered that this was how it used to be in the early days when I first started Rebif. I’m not sure if it was the stress or the fatigue or even if I had picked up a bit of a virus but it does seem that when I am low then the side effects will come back as I have now remembered odd times when this has happened previously. It is very rare for me to have disturbed sleep so I must try to notice when it happens and keep a note in my diary. Hope this helps and I hope that your side effects are just a temporary lapse too. I am back to sleeping like a sloth!! Tracey x